Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The MInd of a 3 year old

Ellison has been really sick over the past couple days. It started with a fever yesterday and progressively got worse through the afternoon and into the night. She just had a pita pizza and some ice cream, signs that she is feeling much better! Even in the midst of her being sick she keeps us laughing. She saw my "pregnancy service strips" AKA stretch marks and said " I see those waves on your tummy mama." I said "Do you know why they are there?" She said "Because you went to the beach." HA! Gotta love that. 

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Elloa said...

I LOVE Ellison! I don't get to hang out w/ her that often since my only regular full day at weekday is Wednesday, but I love her sweet spirit and her outward and inner beauty. Last week as we were putting her name on her visor, she looked at me and said, "You know I'm different, right?" Knowing what she probably meant, I just said, "Different like how?" And she goes, "Well, because I'm brown." HA! I could barely contain my laughter! Then I explained to her that since my dad is Chinese, I'm sorta different like she is.

I just love that she knows that race isn't a big thing, but just wanted to make sure that I knew she was brown!