Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well Looka Here

Before....What a mess.

I can't believe it but I actually finished last week's challenge. When I first read about what it was, I waited a few days (in typical Beth fashion) before I finally decided to go for the gusto and do it. It was not easy to do and I felt guilty spending time on this, but I'm so happy I did! As you can see in the pictures our closet is teeny tiny so I felt a little defeated going in. Then I just went to work and in doing this, I discovered a few things about my wardrobe.

1. Everything that I've bought for myself since having Asher is either black or gray. That makes me a little sad. I need to add some color to my life!
2. I really like to layer my clothing! This translates to lots of shirts to go under things, but not so many to go over them. It's so hard for me to find shirts that I love because things don't fit as well as I'd like.
3. I have a LOT of shoes. Man, I didn't really realize how big the collection has gotten. I did get rid of some them, but I kept a bunch and just better organized everything.
4. Order really is my first love language. Just taking the time to put things in their proper places felt so good. Now everything has a home....AHHHHH.

This week, I'm diving into clearing up the paper trail. Big shout out to my friend Rachel who called me to see how this was going! Thanks girl, you inspired me to keep moving.


AFTER!!!!! (Sorry one of them is turned the wrong way)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm so pumped about this upcoming opportunity to purge and organize through my favorie blog simplemom.net. I was just thinking today that I wanted to start bloging a little over here again thanks to an email from a new friend in Illinois :-).

So,I just wanted to share that I'm going to be doing these projects and maybe you'll be inspired to join in too. Now that I'm at home full time, I'm finding all kinds of joy in making this place run like a well oiled machine. Love to everyone!