Friday, October 31, 2008


It has been such a fun day seeing things through Ellison's eyes. She will be 4 next month and this is the first year that she really gets it! After changing her mind numerous times about what she wanted to be (that's genetic) we settled on a fairy. I must say that she was the cutest fairy I've ever seen. 

We started the day with 10AM trick or treating at the YMCA. The rest of the day was filled with preparing for our community event. Through it all the kids hung with me and did GREAT. I let Ellison wear her costume all day as a special treat. She had lots of people asking her all about it. 

We just finished the day with our community party and trick or treating. At the end of the night, Ellison said "I love this world" after she saw all of her candy. 

Here are some pictures from our day. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dress Up...

Dress up time..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Adoption makes 3

One of the things that Ian and I have always dreamed of is adopting a child. The trick has always been trying to figure out the time. Well, we are pleased to announce that we are officially in the process. It all began with one of my volunteers on UpStreet telling me about he and his wife's journey through DFCS (department of family and children services). He told us that they were hoping to adopt with very little to no out of pocket expense. Three weeks ago, we began an exploratory class that teaches you all of the ins and outs and the lingo and legalities of adopting. 

At our second class we heard of a bi-racial baby being born in Florida due in January. What a cool possibility! Although we know this baby is a long shot, we are putting together our profile (which I'm taking a break from writing right now as I blog :-)) and sending it in. 

In the meantime we have been pursuing the DFCS route as well. We finished up our initial training into the foster care system last Saturday and we are all set for our criminal background checks. We have 20 hours of pre-service training to complete and then a home study before we are approved. Our hope it so bring a child under the age of 3 into our home whose parental rights are severed or are nearly severed. 

Today a friend of our family told me "Since you have 2 children of your own, it would be great to offer a home to another child who needs one." That sums it up very well. I don't know how long this will take and what all is in store, but I'm encouraged to know that He will be with us on the journey. After all, He loves adoption. That's what we he did for us. 

Someone just twittered a cool quote that I think is so fitting for adoption because let's face it, there are lots of unknowns and scary what ifs. The quote says " Achieving God-sized visions always invloves taking God-sized risks." Perry Noble 

The timing is surely not perfect, but I don't know if the timing will ever be perfect. The neat thing is that this dream that we have been thinking of for many years is now upon us and we are taking a God-sized risk for sure! 

Pray for us as we continue this pursuit and pray for our number 3 either yet to be born or out there somewhere. Pray that God would prepare their heart and protect them until he connects us as a family.  

Friday, October 3, 2008

Everything old is new again

My latest home improvement project.....

 This dresser was used by Ian's dad as a kid. We've had it since Ellison was born. The top of it served as her changing table at one point. I finally had a chance to put a new coat of paint on it and some new knobs. It is a special piece that I hope our family keeps for a long time. 

5 things

After a very long 2 weeks of sick, sick and more sick I felt like today would be fitting to do a 5 things list. Scripture teaches us to give thanks in everything even in the midst of sickness so here we go....

1. I don't talk a lot about my husband but that is in no way a reflection of how grateful I am for him. This week he took on daddy duty while I had 2 girls nights. He also just has the ability to love me so well. In my most stressed out moments he's the first one I want to call or chat with just to feel ok again. He even helped me by typing out a week of curriculum when my computer died! He is a good man ;-).
2. My kiddos..I've learned a lot about my kids through these sick days. I've learned that Jude is a cuddler. This morning his couging woke him up at 6 and I went in to get him. I sat in the rocker and just rocked him for like 40 minutes. When I would peek at him to see if he was sleeping he would just look up at me and smile. Ellison on the other hand wants her space. I just now tried to cuddle with her and she told me she couldn't turn the pages on her book (LOL). She wants me to be there just not snuggling. 
3. Yesterday I had a great lunch with a freind of mine. We sat outside on the grass and just talked about life. She asked me a great question which was so right on with everything going on in my life. It was one of those cool "God knows me" moments. Our conversation was sweet and was a reminder to not put God in a box. 
4. God's grace for sure! Man I have not been the best mom and wife since coming home from Spain. Things just keep coming at me and it wares on me. Unfortunately my family doesn't always get my best. I am reminded and encouraged in the fact that his grace is so good and sweet. If I had it all right, I wouldn't need Him.
5. The final thanks for this week is for my job. Over the past month or so I've had to be out for a number of reasons. Family in town, lice, mission trip, sickness, computer craash. Through all of it, I've had nothing but support from my co-workers. I love that I can be a contributor even though I'm only in the office for about 8 hours per week. I'm able to do my job and feel valued and wanted. It truly is such a gift to be able to be a part of UpStreet and North Point in general!

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever......