Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Day

Oh my goodness! I had to write about the day I've been having. I just can't seem to get it together. I hope you get a laugh out of this one.

1. Jude was up for about an hour in the night (felt like 5 hours) yelling mama, mama, mama. I went in and rocked him said night night and then he was quiet for a sec. He then started calling mama, mama, mama again and then....dada, dada, dada to which i went YES!!

2. Woke up late..never a good thing. This means no focused quiet time and no shower before the kids. I was not the mama to be around this morning. The morning after my mom's group (usualy means I'm an on it mom the next day, kinda like flying high)..... GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!

3. Finally got it together and left the house at 10:30 to go to Costco. Got off the exit and discovered that I didn't have my wallet. ( I did the same thing on Monday which is why I had to go today!!!). Headed back home to get the wallet.

4. Get to Costco and decide to get some gas. Pumped the wrong grade of gas into my car which defeats the whole purpose of going to Cotsco for cheap gas.

5. Ellison is screaming she has to use the potty...really bad mind you while I'm pumping gas.

6. We rush into the store to use the potty and I discover that I left my coupons in the car!

7. Back to the car and into Cotsco again.

8. Finally leaving Costco after not using the coupon. Wasn't that great of a deal.

9. Hubbie calls "we're playing soccer nearby why don't you come over with the kids." Oh great I think. Beautiful day I wanted to do something fun with them the park it is.

10. To the bank to deposit checks...yep left them at home too.

11. Wait in the drive through at Chic-fil-a. Can't find my purse. In the line I jump out of the car to look in the trunk. It's not there. I'm panicking. Did I leave it in the buggy at Costco?? I ask Ellison to unbuckle her seat belt and help me look so that I can move up in line. I mean it's 12 peak time for CFA!! "Nope Mommy I don't see it."

11. Find my purse behind my seat just as it's my turn to order. After I place my order a random man runs up to me with a little boy's shoe. Yep Jude's shoe that he had kicked off fell out as I was franticly searching for my purse.....are you laughing yet!!!

12. Head over to Kohl's to get new deck chairs quick...HA...quick. Decide against that since the kids are starving and I can't pull them away from their lunch in the back seat.

13. Go to the soccer field. Jude cries because he can't be on the field with daddy. Try to engage the kids in a little game on the side lines but not as interested as the bleachers that Jude could potentially fall through onto hard cement!

14. Ok enough of that. We head back to Kohl's. Thankfully no drama there. They had the chairs (50% off!) Get the chairs and now we are at home....

I'm thinking I better get that quiet time that I missed. This afternoon has got to get a little less hectic.


K Hill said...

Oh my goodness Beth. I was laughing, but wanted to cry for you! That kind of day puts me in the WORST kind of mood. I'm impressed that you could post with a good attitude that close to events. It would have taken me at least a day to recover. :)

Allison Russell said...

Laughing out loud! Can I just tell you that I'm so glad to know I'm in good company? I feel like my days go like this 85% of the time. I am constantly telling my mom that I feel like I herd cats all day long. Thanks for sharing. Solidarity, sister! :)

MochaPrincess said...

OMG!!! We are so alike! I did not know you had a blog. You failed to let me know that!! So glad to hear it! I will be back!