Monday, July 21, 2008

Pray for Our Group

Here is the group of us who are going to Spain to launch UpStreet. We had a great retreat this past weekend and I'm so excited to see what God will do.  If you think of us please pray for supportive families, wisdom in our planning efforts, team unity and for God's provision for all of our expenses. Here are some specific prayers from the church in Spain:
1. For motivation and excitement about the new strategy in ministering to children. (Currently the kids leave during the preaching and after our visit they will be having an entire service just for them.)
2. That God will bring more children to the church. 
3. That they would be unified. 
4. Through their work that God would be glorified. 


Joy said...

Is there anything specific that we can pray for?

bronk said...

dear ian and beth,
wow ! that sounds great,when do you guys leave for spain ?
love your blogg,lots of info ,great pics and the videos are cool man !! ian looked very professional with his headband and socks pulled up,did they win their game.the kids are soooooo cute and enjoy each others love.that they must´ve learnt from their parents.well done guys.keep it up.we are fine and cannot thank GOD enough for HIS GRACE AND LOVE FOR US.
we had debbies family here,son,daughter,two grandchildren and two cousins.took them to salzburg and achensee.they loved it.will send you pics.
tell me more about spain.why? when ?

love to all
debbs and me