Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Top Learnings while Ian was away

So I didn't post that my husband was out of town because you can just call me old fashioned and I was afraid of broadcasting that on the internet. I know...nobody is watching me that closely, but you never know. 

Anyhow, Ian returned home on Monday night after 5 nights away in Germany. His company is German owned and every year they have a world cup of sorts where players from different countries come to compete. So last Wednesday we bid him farewell as he went to represent our country in the game of soccer :-). For those of you who know Ian he is an athlete to his core. Want proof?  He has athletic jerseys from high school, college and now he's started a collection of jerseys from other countries, thanks to this trip he has now added Poland and Spain to his collection. 

So while he was away I had the chance to be alone with the kids all day and all night. Doesn't sound so bad huh? Well here are my top 5 events of the time he was away. One event for each of the nights that he was gone ;-).

5. Traveling to the outlets..So this one is not that bad except for the fact that I tried to go after my kids naps which happened to be at 4:15 on a FRIDAY! Duh..the traffic was horrible. So it took us nearly an hour to make it up 400 to shop. What you may ask was the reason for such a dumb decision..I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket for pottery barn. Yeah, I just had to use it that day..couldn't wait. 
4. Not using the double stroller. Has anyone seen our garage? We have 5 yes count them 5 stroller options. Double jogging, single jogging, umbrella, snap and go, and a sit and stand. Of all the strollers to choose from, I chose to go shopping, multiple times I might add, with the umbrella stroller. This always meant that one child has to be held. But Ellison is 3.5 right...wrong! When she gets tired, it's all over she reverts back to a newborn. So many times I had to hold Jude while she was in the stroller. Try pushing around 35 lbs in a stroller and holding 25 in your arms, not easy work. But my love of the game (of shopping that is) fools me into believing that maybe this time will be different. So from now on 2 strollers will have to be in the trunk. Thank goodness for minivans. 
3. Before Ian left, we were thinking about lowering Jude's mattress because he has started pulling up to his knees. We didn't find the time to do it before he left and of course, I got awaken at 1:30 AM to find my son standing in his crib! He couldn't figure out how to get down. It was so cute! I've attached a picture of the little guy in action.  
2. Having a yard sale. Well, I decided that I could do a community yard sale out of our garage while my husband was away...need I say more? Thanks so much to my friend Joy this went off without much of a hitch. We had some pretty intense hagglers, some interesting participants and a ton of stuff, but that's what yard sales are made of. 
1. number one event. Showdown in Wal-mart. So It's Monday, Ian's on his way home and I'm itching bad to get out of the house.  I think that we can make a quick trip to wal-mart in search of a quick bathing suit purchase and some other fun stuff to have some playtime at the pool with the kids. BTW..anybody know where to get a fun cute one piece bathing suit? I think that's an oxymoron these days. If it's one piece it's made for 70 and up. So not fair, not all of us can bare our tummies after our pregnancy service stripes.  I mean really! So anyways, Jude has a great knack for pulling Ellison's all the time. It drives her crazy. Well, I guess she like me had had enough of life without daddy. All of a sudden she decides to bite his little pinky. She bit it so hard that the poor little guy screamed like bloody murder and both sides of his finger were indented from her teeth. I said "I cannot believe you just did this. We are going to have to go to the doctor" Ellison looks at me with a blank stare. Not really much remorse. Well then I announce that her new floaties are going back as well as her fruit snacks. Immediately an erupiton of emotion to say it nicely. Keep in mind that Jude is still crying. So, I decide to leave my basket of goodies (very painful for me too I may add) and leave the store. Well, of course Ellison doesn't want to comply and I am dragging her through the store. There are moments when she looses control of her entire body and falls to the ground. People are staring, it's that bad. Man that was tough. We eventually made it home after 2 stops on the side of the road. Once to spank her and another time to hold Jude because he was so startled by all of the loud noise. 

And an honorable mention goes to stealing. Yes. My daughter has a knack for picking things up and asking if we can buy them. I tell her not today or let's remember to tell daddy about it (great trick). Well while Ian was away I would let her hold items to look at while we were in stores. Well that translated to her putting things in the bottom of the stroller. By the time I got to the car, loaded them both and was folding the stroller down, there I would find her treasures. What did we get? March of the Penguins(Target), a little teddy bear (Pottery Barn) and a pair of shorts (Target).  Don't worry we will return all of the items. Although I'm tempted because I so do not love Target's return policy and I'm now stuck with some shorts that I cannot fit because I used cash. DARN!

Welcome home honey! I really missed you and I'm so glad your back.

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Shaunta' said...

OMG!! Your week was way too excting. For your sake, I'm glad Ian's back, too. As I was reading your posts, I thought about how alike we are...maybe that's why Joy loves us so much! I have certainly been there with stolen items, biting, screaming children, etc, etc! My eyes are open to a whole new world now that I have a child myself. And your post about your garden certainly inspired me. I have been wanting to learn how to do a garden for 2 years. Please pass on some tips. I talked to Eddie about us working on one together. Is it too late in the season to start one now? I know this was a long comment, but I had so much to say. Take care...hope you have a less eventful week:)