Thursday, May 29, 2008

The time has come

So I've had almost a year of 2 kids napping at the same time. Considering I just finished battling Ellison to bed and it is 10:30PM, I'm thinking the time has come to cut it out. So it is with great sadness that I say good bye to my friend the afternoon nap. 

But here's the dilemma. She gets so cranky in the afternoons and turns into a child that surely did not come from my womb! If I let her sleep and wake her up within an hour then she is not a happy all. So it's like I'm stuck with a cranky little one from about 3 until 7:30 or I fight her to get to sleep until 10 at night. The issues, I tell you. They don't write about this stuff in Baby Wise. 

So farewell my dear friend. I will sorely miss you. It's been a great 3.5 years of afternoon silence. My time will now be shared with my little princess Ellison. We have been working on room time and it's time for mom to kick it into high gear. For all of your wonder what is room time, it is a chance for Ellison to play in her room while mom has some mommy time. We've worked on like 30 minutes of room time, but we need to push the time up a little more now that she's older. If not, mama will not be happy and you know what they say about that...nobody else will be either :-). 

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jrusse said...

As someone who also had to bid a sad farewell to the afternoon nap, I can assure it will get better. The first 2 weeks are rough, but then that crankiness fades. For those first couple weeks, I actually planned on Garrett watching a movie or TV show. That seemed to give him enough "rest" to make it over that hump.
Let me know how the room time thing works out. I have not been able to make that work-Garrett thinks he's being punished.
It was great seeing y'all yesterday. We'll definitely have to do that again!