Friday, May 16, 2008

9 Months Today!

Today Jude is 9 months. It is hard to believe that it has already been nine months. Jude is developing right on schedule! He is now starting to eat lots of food on his own. He love waffles for breakfast and had some cheese toast last night (thanks Allison ;-)). He loved every bite of it! The stage 3 foods just don't seem to interest him at all so it looks like we're going from stage 2 to table food. Our wallets are very happy for it. He is still scooting all around now. It looks like he is going to stick with his soilder crawl. He loves to walk when we hold his hands but he is not pulling up yet. He is still a very happy baby, lets us get our sleep through the night and he loves his sister. Not sure how long the love relationship between the 2 of them will last, but I'm praying it's for a long time to come.


Stacy said...

YEA!!! I'm so excited to be able to see pictures and I'm really happy for you that you are getting to stay home with the kids more. I know you have wanted that for a long time. I miss you!

GREY said...

nine months! I just can't believe it... how time really flies. I have hardly seen the little darling!

This blog thing is fun =) I just got one... hahah

love you all