Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things I Love

So I'm trying something new and linking up about things I love today. My friend Kathy inspired me to try this so here it goes.

This past weekend I was at home in Summerville with my family. One of the things we ALWAYS do is get at least a dozen of blue crabs. It's mating season right now so a lot of the crabs are down deep (something new I learned) so they gave my sister a deal because they were smaller than normal. It did not matter to me they were delicioso!

These are a lowcountry favorite and my mom and sister seem to know how to season them just right. Living in the ATL, I cannot get them and my sister and mama always know to get a batch when I visit. But really, it's about more than the crabs. It's something special that the women in my family share. It's a girl thing. So we each get our tin pans, a cloth napkin, a cold glass of soda and we dig in! Every time there is a pan of crabs on the table, lots of laughs and love abound.

So, that's what I love on this Thursday. What about you?

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