Monday, April 4, 2011

Kid's Clothes- Oh Boy!

So the challenge of the 3rd week was to tackle our kids clothing and toys. I felt like Tsh knew exactly the things that have been bugging me because I had been wanting to get into both of these for some time. One day while the kids were at school(Hahahaha) I purged their toys and cleaned up their room. When they came home they were absolutely thrilled! They did not even notice all the toys that I had gotten rid of and in fact they still haven't! Some of the toys I just took out of rotation and put in the attic, and others I just gave away to Goodwill. I don't have pictures of the 2 large trash bags of toys that got donated because I did this before the actual challenge week. I have posted an after picture of their room though. Less truly is more with kids. I'm even thinking of going smaller. It seems like when I have things in bins like the big green one in the room, they don't dig in there for stuff. It's only when it's out and obviously on a shelf that they play with it.

Gotta admit that the clothing was not at all fun! This is because I like systems and I haven not been able to wrap my brain around how to organize it all so that just led to closets looking like these....YIKES. I know.

So now for the after!!

It's certainly not beautiful because I repurposed things I had other than the large pink tub.... but it is organized. On the top shelf are two boxes turned on their sides with summer clothes waiting to be worn for each child. Beyond these boxes on either side are clothes for next winter. In their drawers are winter clothes since the weather keeps changing here. Once we're hot for good, these boxes will be filled with winter items and on the bottom are going to be 2 more boxes. One for selling/giving (Ellison's stuff) and another for saving (mainly Jude's clothes for Asher).

Organizing these clothes really helped me to see what the kids really need. Ellison is in big time need of shorts (top box on the right) but has a ton of shirts. Jude is stocked for the summer with the exception of a few nicer things for church or family stuff. Shoes are now in the pink tub for Ellison and in the organizer for Jude. Elli is my child who needs to be able to clean up in a hurry and Jude on the other hand will take his time and find joy in matching them up and putting them away...kinda like his mama! Oh... and in the clear bins are underwear and socks, Pj tops, and Pj bottoms. I'm thinking of changing these for play clothes b/c I really want them to be able to get outfits out in the summer and not have to worry about if it's something that cannot be stained or ruined. The majority of our days are spent at home out in the yard or at a playground so it just makes more sense to keep like 4 nicer outfits for everything else. I got that idea from this post. Thanks to that post I have clear goal of 4/5 nicer outfits for each child and 7-10 options for play. I've found a wonderful thrift store nearby where I've been able to score Jude's play clothes at a dollar a piece! That is just AWESOME for this frugal family.

As you can see, I've been having a grand ole time. Totally in my sweet spot doing all of this stuff. I've been wanting our house to be more orderly for so long, but have just not had the margin to do it. I'm so thankful to be able to do this. Really thankful to make this place work better.

Love to all my faithful readers!
BChad :-)

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