Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Update

It's been a while. I mean Asher is almost 4 months old. I can't belive how fast the time flies by. Not really sure where to begin, so I'll just give a quick rundown of what we're all up to and follow that up with some pics.

Ellison- Ellison started Kindergarten! She is going to Fideles for 2 full days a week and the other 3 we get to teach her from home. The first 2 weeks were a little tough but this week has really turned around and I'm so glad we made the decision to do this. She is very creative and this allows her plenty of time to do Piano (with Ian's mom) and DRAW which the girl loves! Also the structure that the school helps provide has made it fun to learn and we're constantly doing things to help drive home what she's learning in books..even at Target. So this has been a huge win for our family. She also learned to swim this year and we are really proud of our girl.
Jude- Just turned 3 last week. It's like a little switch went off overnight with him. He is talking a lot more and definitely holding his own. One of the coolest things we've seen in him is that he seems to really be connecting some dots about God. What a cool thing it's been to see. He memorized his verse for this month in record time and from his little preschool reports he is doing a good job praying in class too. He is a very determined little guy and we are still working on reigning him in but we are also just enjoying the fun that he brings to our home!
Asher- A little social guy. Man he really loves people. He enjoys looking at everything and gets a little upset when someone is not paying full attention to him. It's not enough to have you near, you've got to be looking in his face. He's doing a good job eating and sleeping and really loves to pull at toys hanging above him. We are all enjoying him and have decided he is for sure a keeper :-).
Me- Staying super busy! We just came off of a crazy time at work where we promote all of our kids up to the next grade. Tons of changes and things to keep track of but I'm glad I survived. I am really enjoying school time with Ellison and feel like I'm finally getting into somewhat of a rythym with mommying 3. I'm really wanting to start sewing and running again so I'm hoping that I can figure out where to fit those in.
Ian- Ian has been taking a German class every Monday night. He is really enjoying it and is constantly playing a German CD in his car. The kids love to ride with him now! He's still working for ista and really likes the team of people that's he with. He had a company soccer trip to Germany back in June and is always organizing a sporting event of some type for work.

Here are some pics of our crew :-).

Ellison's first day of school.

Silly Jude celebrating his b-day in class.

Happy Asher.

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Steve and Jane said...

Discovered your blog and website as a result of TEAM Austria prayer calendar. Great way to catch up with you and your family. Please consider us members of your support team. Hope to connect again in person soon. with love and prayers, Steve and Jane