Monday, June 1, 2009

Ballet Camp

Today Ellison started Ballet Camp!! She woke up at 6:30 in the morning very excited to go. We went out on Saturday for some one on one time and got her some new ballet shoes and tights as well.

She is taking ballet at Perimeter Church's Academy of the Arts. Their tag line is "Dancing with a Pointe."

We've waited for a while to get Ellison involved with extra curricular activities for a number of reasons but her love of ballet has been so consistent that we wanted to give her a try at it. I fell in love with this program 2 springs ago when her cousin went through it. I love the empasis that they put on godly values in addition to teaching the girls the fundamentals of ballet. She hasn't been old enough to do it, but this fall she will be enrolled in their full time program.


Constance said...

Too cute!! Can't wait to see more ballet camp pictures!!

Stacy said...

Beth, she looks just like you! What a cutie!