Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pray for Carrie

Hi Friends,

Most of you know about my love for Austria and our desire to go back to serve there. I don't think any of you know that this dream was birthed in the backyard of two of our dearest friends, Lance and Carrie Borden in Austria. It was there that seeds were planted for mission work. Lance and Carrie have been serving in Austria for over 10 years now. Carrie is one of those people who I've always looked up to in the Lord. She has taught me so many things about marriage, God, and children (although I had not yet had children when I lived close to her). She even influenced my decision to go part time at work last year during our week long trip to Austria. She also handed off her trusty spank stick and encouraged me to put it to use :-).

I just got news that she has cancer on her tongue and she is in for a hard long road over the next 3 months. Including taking a portion of her tongue, chemotherapy and radiation. Our hearts are broken for this family. I've posted some pictures from our times shared with them. If you would take a second and pray for Carrie. Pray for God to heal her completely and to be with their family (they have 2 children).

Thanks so much.

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