Friday, January 2, 2009

Hallelujah for Mixed Chicks

I was thinking that my first post of the new year would be something reflective, but I've had a breakthrough in the department of Ellison's hair and I had to share. There is this unspoken rule among black women...your hair has got to look good! Once you have a child it seems like you will neglect your own hair to be sure that every piece of your child's hair is in place. God has blessed us with a beautiful little girl with tons of hair to manage. I mean tons! When she had lice a few months ago, it took hours to get through each strand! 

Well, many of you know about the countless number of products I've tried for my little Ellison's hair. No matter what I do, it just seems like I can never quite figure out how to manage it well. She has a great head of hair but I began to worry a little as people called it wild, crazy etc. Nobody meant any harm in saying those things, but I was just thinking that a little girl wouldn't necesarrily want her hair to be called wild or crazy. Especically not Ellison who is in love with everything girlee. Over the past 2 years I would guess that I've spent a few hundred (YIKES) dollars on different prodcuts. Frizz Ease, Infusium Frizz Control, Carol's Daughter...and the list goes on and on. The issue is that her hair is a blend of mine and Ian's. Products for my hair weighed her hair down and products for Ian's type of hair dryed her hair out (which probably led to the lice outbreak mentioned earlier).

Well one night I was doing yet another web search and came across an ad for mixed chicks hair products. ( So I looked at the ads and thought "ok right" this is really going to work. Last week I ordered the trial versions thinking "why not." They arrived on New Year's Eve and yesterday morning we tried them out. Ellison sat patiently wondering what all the fuss was about (she could care less for the most part about her hair..which I love!!) Well I am please to announce that the products worked!!! I am emailing this picture in to the website to share our success story. The picture of her in the red dress is pre-mixed chicks and the pink shirt is after. 

So if you know of anyone with curly hair that is a little hard to manage tell them about mixed chicks. It's GREAT!!!

OK. There will be something more reflective next time. Happy New Year!


Joy said...

Now you see it, now you don't!

Constance said...

Thanks Beth....I have the same problem. I am definitely going to the website. With the new baby I am in double trouble. Thanks for the tip!

Jermaine said...

Cool, Ellison looks great. Nicky also liked the pics and picked his favorite one, the one in the red dress. So far so good with Nicolas, his hair is wild, but workable!

See ya,

Love Jermaine

EAJan678 said...

I love it in the first picture. It's just her and I adore it! But I understand a mother's heart too and if mixed chick is it than you go girl! Here's to you winning a year's supply based off of your before and after pics! Had a great time tonight!

Heidi Durrow said...

the hair struggles of the mixed chick never ends. i love mixed chicks' products but also use a few others. best tips i ever got were from teri at