Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Big Week for Ellison

This week was the first official week of preschool. Although Ellison has attended Weekday(North Point's childcare for employees) since she was 8 months she now has an official program which requires her to come 3 days a week. Her teachers are just fabulous and so on it! We got a detailed breakdown of how things work in the classroom everyday and man it is really organized. On the first day she barely said good bye as she hugged her teacher and ran into her class. Sadly, she has been separated from some of her buddies who she's been with since she's 8 months but she seems like she is getting into the swing of things. On Tuesday I felt like a true preschool mom, because I just drop her off and go back home with Jude. It is such a blessing to have some alone time with him and I'm really looking forward to that.

Today we went to the dentist which she was very excited about. She picked out a toothbrush and makeup kit as a reward. The dentist is so great. They have a little movie theater, an arcade room and coffee for parents!  We do have homework...flossing and stopping the thumb sucking. So we got some m-n-m's (i know it's ironic) and she gets one taken away each time I catch her with her thumb in her mouth. A friend of mine gave me the idea and I hope it works. The dentist said that it takes about 40 days to form a new habit so hopefully we'll be thumb free before she's 4. For the flossing, we all need to do a better job in that department so we are going to implement family floss time each night! HA!   

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K Hill said...

I am really struggling with the fact that she is in the threes. I can remember when she would toddle over to me, stick that lower lip out, and let me know exactly what she thought about what I had done. Ahh, the memories.
I know she's doing great and judging by the location of the room, I'm assuming she has Miss Linda, who is one of the most awesome preschool teachers I've ever seen. So, she's in good hands.
Thanks for sharing the photos!